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1K Black High Gloss Trim Paint, aerosol

SKU: SPR-3680101

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For high-quality topcoat paint jobs and spot repairs on cars, motorcycles and other applications.

Easy to use
High yield
Excellent coverage due to high solid matter content
Dries quickly
Very good flow

Metals (cleaned and sanded).
Aluminum (cleaned and sanded).
In the event of high requirements in terms of mechanical stress and corrosion protection and, in particular, critical surfaces such as aluminum or zinc, surfaces should be pretreated with a suitable primer.
Various Plastics (cleaned and sanded)
  • Color High Black Gloss
  • Spray pass 2 - 3 spray passes each 0.6 - 0.8 mil
  • Flash-off time 1 - 5 min/68°F
  • Drying - Infrared device 3 h/68°F 30 min/140°F IR: approx. 7 min
  • Barcode 879910000109
  • Part type Trim Paint (Paint)